Our original line of rebozos is manufactured in India and we work with the weaver and dyer to ensure the highest quality product. You can use this rebozo for babywearing by picking up a pair of 2.5 inch sling rings. For specific details on this rebozo, please visit our rebozo info and FAQ page.

As requested, our new colors are deeper and more vibrant. As a precaution, we ask that you wash your rebozos separately in cold water.

Goddess Collection

Moonlight Collection

US Local

The US Local rebozos are longer, narrower, and heavier than their original counterparts. They are even more durable than our original line and long enough to fit any woman. They are just heavy enough for a more substantial feel, but still light enough to pack in your doula bag. Pick up a pair of 3 inch sling rings for this rebozo to use them in a number of babywearing positions. For more  information on the US Local line, please visit our rebozo information page.

Like New Rebozos

We have “like-new” rebozos that have been used as samples in doula and rebozo workshops or displayed at different fairs and events. They may have mild cosmetic imperfections, but are virtually indistinguishable from new. They have never been used at a birth. We have washed and repackaged them. Now you can get them for 50% off!

There’s no doubt that the Like-New Rebozos are a best-seller. Due to limited quantity, they are not always in stock. Many of you have emailed us asking when they will be in stock. Now you can find out as soon as they’re back in stock without checking! We will send you an email as soon as they become available. Sign up below.

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Sling Rings

Sling rings are a brand new addition to our shop! We know many of you use Lohee rebozos for baby wearing. We realized that we could do so many more carries with the rings because there is no need to use the rebozo cloth to tie a knot. This makes the rebozo so much more versatile for women of different sizes as well as different wraps. We are confident that these rings, along with the rebozos, will enable you to try any babywearing position out there!