Rebozo Birth Tool

Perfect Design

We carefully designed our rebozos to be of the optimal length, width, and weight. They fold up small enough to fit into a bag and are light enough to carry anywhere, yet still long enough as a birth tool and durable to withstand anything.

Original US Local
Length 9 feet (275 cm) 11 feet (335 cm)
Width 2.5 feet (75 cm) 1.8 feet (55 cm)
Weight 11 oz (310 grams) 1 lb. 7 ozs (650 grams)

Care Instructions: Wash on the delicate cycle in a mesh laundry bag. For regular use, wash in cold water with 2 tablespoons of vinegar. For heavy duty use, use detergent in cold water. Detergent does not hurt the rebozos but using vinegar, which is naturally antimicrobial, helps to preserve the vibrant color. Hang dry or tumble dry on low heat for an extra soft feel.


Gently move the tassels across the body of the mother to foster a relaxing experience.

Lift the mother’s belly with the rebozo to release tension.

The mother uses the rebozo to engage her muscles during pushing.

Rebozo is used as a support for squatting positions.

Rebozo blindfold is used to direct the mother’s senses inward.

Rebozo is used as a seat for squatting mothers.

Rebozo is wrapped around the belly, crossed in the back, and pulled over the shoulders. Mama can lift her belly and release tension

Rebozo is used for gentle rocking and resting of mama’s head and neck.

This position facilitates pushing and engaging the body in squatting positions.

The rebozo is used as a hammock to gently rock the mother’s hips.

This sifting pose is one of the most famous rebozo positions.It has been used to reposition the baby.

This position uses the rebozo to gently stretch the neck, which becomes stiff during stress.

The hip squeeze releases the tension in the lower back.

This position helps the mother balance on the birth ball as well as lifts her belly.