About Us

You can reach me directly through the contact form on this site, or check out my personal doula website at OmBabyDoula. I look forward to connecting with you!

We are a woman owned company. I own the company and my husband does the website and accounting work. I am a practicing doula in the Denver, Colorado area. During my training, my doula trainer told me that it was very hard to find a rebozo that was high quality, made out of natural materials, and inexpensive enough to afford. Many rebozos she found were hand woven but made out of acrylic or another material that can be irritating to the skin. Originally, I just wanted to create something for myself and a few other doulas. Eventually it became more popular and we made a website.

I thought long and hard about how to balance these three points: high quality, natural materials and inexpensive enough to afford. I was living in a yoga community and was connected with a family owned company in India. They do not weave by hand; they have electric looms. However, I found that this actually creates a fair price for the weavers. If the weavers were working by hand, they would get paid very little for their time or the rebozos would no longer be affordable for doulas. This was a good way to balance fairness and affordability. My husband and I did a great deal of background checking to insure that the small company we partnered with was upstanding, treated their employees fairly, and created quality fabric. I now work personally with the weaver to create the rebozos we have available.

India is very close to our hearts. However, there is a lot of work to do there in terms of birth education and birth rights. For this reason, we chose to donate annually to the Bhaktivedanta Hospital in Mira Bhayandar in Maharashtra, India. It is a hospital with many open minded and kind doctors, a few who we know through connections we made in our travels through India. They also are very open to alternative medicine and spiritual practices in the hospital. They have an Ayurvedic program as well as other alternatives for their patients. They encourage and educate the women about breastfeeding. We decided to support them after seeing their high level of care and open minded philosophy. We hope to help them increase their ability to care for mothers and children.