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Rebozo for Mamas

Comfortable wraps and carriers before and after your baby is born.

For Mama – Not only does our Lohee Rebozo make a wonderful birth tool, but it can be used to carry your new baby as well. There are practically unlimited different ways to tie our rebozos for carrying your child. We have some pictures available and you will find many more tutorials on YouTube and other sites.

For Baby – They are made from a durable, soft, and hypoallergenic fiber. With the Lohee Rebozo, your baby can stay safe, snug, and most importantly, close to Mama. Our Lohee Rebozos are simultaneously strong and light. This means they are easy to pack and lightweight to wear.


Featured Products

Check out our selection of rebozos and sling rings! Our original line of rebozos is manufactured in India and we work with the weaver and dyer to ensure the highest quality product. You can use this rebozo for babywearing by picking up a pair of 2.5 inch sling rings. For specific details on this rebozo, please visit our rebozo info and FAQ page.

Our US Local line is made in North Carolina by a local weaving company. We are happy to announce that they are manufactured under strict environmental regulations and in compliance with Conflict of Minerals.

Our sling rings are made out of anodized metal and are of the highest quality. We offer a large color selection and two different sizes for our rebozos. These rings allow for so many more options with baby wearing. See our baby-wearing page for more.

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Rebozo Birthing Tool

The perfect choice for doulas and midwives

Here at Lohee Rebozo we know that cloth birthing tools have been used not only in Mexico and India but across many cultures for many years. We strive to provide comfortable, reliable, and environmentally responsible birthing tools to women from every country and every culture.

Our Lohee Rebozos are hypoallergenic, which makes them a wonderful choice for mothers with sensitive skin. They are incredibly soft and gentle on Mama’s tummy.