Rebozo Baby Wearing

There’s so much you can do!

Not only does our Lohee Rebozo make a wonderful birth tool, but it can be used to carry your new baby as well. There are practically unlimited different ways to tie our rebozos for carrying your child. We have some pictures available and you will find many more tutorials on YouTube and other sites.

With the addition of our 2.5 inch and 3 inch sling rings, the possibilities are now practically unlimited! Before, the rebozo cloth itself was used to tie the knot, using about 2-3 feet of the cloth. This made it difficult to try different carries for larger women. With sling rings, the cloth is no longer used to tie the knot. This frees up those 2-3 extra feet for different carries. We are confident that with our sling rings, women of all sizes can carry their children in any way they like!

We are working on adding tutorials on how to use the sling rings and different carries that go along with them. Thank you for your patience!


Rucksack Back Carry with a Reinforcing Knot. Drape the rebozo behind the back and over your shoulders. Tie a knot underneath your baby’s bottom.

Front Rucksack with a Reinforcing Knot. Drape the rebozo falling forward over your belly. Tie a knot underneath your baby’s bottom.

Double Hammock. Drape the rebozo over your back. One side goes over the shoulder and one side goes under the other shoulder and around your chest, wrapping all the way around and coming back to tie over your shoulder.

Classic Rebozo Side Carry. Tie your baby in a sling that drapes over one shoulder. Perfect for sling rings.

Always remember to tuck the cloth under your baby’s bottom to keep your baby secure.

These are just a few of the ways that you can tie a Lohee Rebozo. We hope to have more pictures and videos soon.